Carbonio CE Troubleshooting

Carbonio CE Troubleshooting#

The carbonio service integrates seamlessly with the various system tools like systemctl and journalctl, therefore allowing quicker analysis of the situation and check for any problem should arise.

The syntax is the standard used by systemctl, hence you can use this command to start or stop all the carbonio units

# systemctl start | stop carbonio*

To verify the status of all the carbonio services run command

# systemctl list-unit-files "carbonio*"

More information about each unit you can run

# systemctl list-units "carbonio*"

If any service is in failed status, restart it. For example, if the nginx Carbonio Monitoring exporter has not started you will need to run

# systemctl restart carbonio-prometheus-nginx-exporter.service
# journalctl -u carbonio*

to access the logs produced by all the units.