Changelog 23.3.0

Changelog 23.3.0#

This is the Changelog for Carbonio 23.3.0, released on March 20th, 2023

Component: Admin Console & Login UI

AC-496: Gal default name changed

The default GAL name for new domains is now InternalGal.

AC-465: Richtext rendering fixed in admin console

Fixed an unwanted behaviour that caused the admins to experience rendering problems with the rich text editor while adding a new signature to a user account.

AC-423: Delegate send settings introduced to account management

It is now possible to manage the delegate features from the account settings in the admin console.

AC-410: Privacy settings in feedback panel improved

From the feedback panel, the administrator can now easily update the privacy settings.

AC-408: Update Logo URL from theme management

Admin can now change the URL of the logo using theme management in the Carbonio domain or global preferences.

AC-405: Admin can modify COS/User features

Features can now be activated/deactivated from the admin console in COS and user settings.

AC-373: Quota reports downloadable

Domain administrators can now download Mailbox quota reports in CSV format for multiple accounts.

Component: Mails

IRIS-4011: Attached EML can be open in search results

Users can now open EML attachment files to emails even from the search results.

IRIS-3962: Open appointments from search results

It is now possible to open appointments from search results.

IRIS-3901: Calendars search results improved

The search now returns the last and the next 30 days’ appointments as results.

IRIS-3897: Add attachments from Files refactored

The add attachments from Files feature has been refactored so it’s easier to add attachments and public links from Files.

IRIS-3885: New mail notification popup redirection fixed

When clicking on a new mail notification popup the user is now redirected to the correct mail tab.

IRIS-3821: White label compliance in users settings

Removed Carbonio and Zextras from the app versions in the user’s general settings to comply with the white label design.

IRIS-3777: Shared calendars group fixed

When you add a calendar from the “find shares” list, it is now added to the “shared calendars” group.

IRIS-3760: Time span in appointments search added

The user can now specify the time range for which appointments can be searched.

IRIS-3759: Appointments previews improvement

Now, both the small and large previews appear in the calendar at the same time.

IRIS-3745: Room moderators added in appointments attendees list

Now the moderators of a virtual room are added to the attendees when the user creates an appointment and contextually creates a virtual room with moderators.

IRIS-3740: Background color for selected emails improved

Focused emails, either selected or unread, are now distinguished from the others using a different background colour even when the user is moving through the list using the keyboard.

IRIS-3672: Duplicated fields removed from advanced filter

The duplicated fields have been removed from the advanced search filters.

IRIS-3663: EML attachments viewer

It is now possible to open EML files attached to emails.

IRIS-3474: Appointments’ icons moved to the left

The “private” and “action request” icons have been moved from the upper right to the upper left corner in the preview so they’re visible also on appointments overlapping.

IRIS-3255: “SELECT ALL” and “DESELECT ALL” buttons added

It is not possible to select and deselect all the emails in a list with a single click.

Component: Carbonio

CO-544: Empty virtual hostname deletion

To remove zimbraVirtualHostname, administrators can now use modifyDomain with an empty parameter.

CO-513: Unlisted accounts rejected by default

The feature for rejecting emails to non-existent recipients is now enabled by default.

CO-499: `http` and `mixed` modes removed

Now, http and mixed mode are no longer supported by the Nginx configuration.

CO-491: `Schedule-agent` header managed on CalDAV

Support to Schedule-agent header has been added in Carbonio when synchronizing a Calendar via CalDAV.

Component: Core

COR-853: Documentation for `unloadMailbox` added

Added the documentation and examples for the unloadMailbox command in the CLI.

COR-851: Auth API for SAML configuration

An API has been added to manage SAML configuration either via CLI or the admin console.

Component: Mobile/EAS

MOB-398: Attachment’s name encoding via EAS fixed

Fixed a bug that caused the attachment’s names with non-ASCII characters to be wrongly encoded when synchronizing via EAS.

Component: Storages

PS-456: Storages and Files performance improved

The interaction between Files and the Storages has been refactored to improve the way Nginx lookup and Memcached are used and reduce the number of threads.