Changelog 23.4.0

Changelog 23.4.0#

This is the Changelog for Carbonio 23.4.0, released on April 17th, 2023.

Component: Admin Console & Login UI

AC-523: Local copy for fonts

To increase privacy, Carbonio now uses a local copy of Roboto font instead of downloading it from internet

AC-482: LDAP configuration validation in GAL panel

The default behaviour has been improved by displaying if the LDAP URL is valid or invalid. This improvement addresses the user interface enhancement in the Global Address List (GAL) settings, specifically the LDAP URL validation, which warns the admin if the URL is invalid by changing the colour of the text present in the “External Server Address” field.

AC-436: Admin can manage distribution list aliases

The administrator can now manage distribution list aliases from the admin console.

AC-427: Permit admin to force domain deletion

Admin can now delete domains with the warning “Domain [domain name] is not empty and contains X Accounts, X System Accounts, X Distribution list, X Aliases, X Resources”.

AC-402: Volume management refinements

General refinements of volume management panel in the admin console. An external volume now displays the correct attributes and can be edited. It shows details about the bucket name/prefix. The “is current” volume toggle behaviour has been fixed.

AC-357: Admin UI supports whitelabel color settings

The Admin UI now allows for whitelabel or custom colour settings.

AC-321: Add colors to theme management

Colours can now be managed using Hex colour codes via Global/Domain Theme Management.

Component: Mails

IRIS-4095: Admin can manage “Redirect to Address” action in filter

An administrator can grant users access to the “Redirect to Address” action filter from CLI using the zimbraFeatureMailForwardingInFiltersEnabled attribute below.

IRIS-4066: Long email conversations fixed

Long email conversations no longer flicker in Carbonio.

IRIS-3911: Find Calendar Shares limit calendar list

The “Find Shares” option in the Shared Calendars module now only displays the calendars list.

IRIS-3903: Appointment creation enhanced with aliases and identities.

Users can now create and edit appointments using aliases and identities.

IRIS-3902: Default calendar for appointments

The users can now choose their default calendar, and the appointment composer uses it while creating a new appointment.

IRIS-3896: Appointments creation improved

When creating a new appointment, the calendar selector list now hides trashed calendars.

IRIS-3894: Scrollbar resets navigating mail folders

The scroll bar position now resets properly when navigating between different folders.

IRIS-3827: Placeholders corrected in advanced filters

On the advanced filters panel, the labels for the fields ‘From’ and ‘To’ are now correctly displayed inside the component.

IRIS-3826: Persona creation improved

Personas can now be created using the addresses set in SendOnBehalfOf or sendAs parameters.

IRIS-3825: Search contacts enhanced

The search contacts now include the shared address book.

IRIS-3824: Address book is enhanced

The user can now select the destination address book while creating contacts, and they can see where the new contact is created by the string at the top of the form.

IRIS-3795: Plain data of an appointment is visible to users

Users can now view an appointment’s plain text content from the appointment’s “show original” menu, which assists the user in the event of a display issue.

Component: Carbonio

CO-620: Web loading performance improved

Carbonio proxy now compresses and caches static content served by Carbonio web apps before serving it. This reduces the time it takes for the page to load.

CO-568: Increased LDAP password security

Carbonio now supports PBKDF2 and Argon2 encryption for LDAP passwords. A script for migrating from SHA512 can be found in /opt/zextras/libexec/scripts/

CO-562: Carbonio-bootstrap validates the address configuration.

During the Carbonio installation, the bootstrap checks now show a warning in case of hostnames pointing to a loopback address to avoid post-installation problems.

CO-553: Calendar invitation bugfixes

The MIME and code of the appointment invitations have been fixed according to their RFC so they can now be parsed by all the clients.

CO-536: CSP headers can added to improve security

Content security policy (CSP) headers have been added to improve the security of web resources served by the Carbonio proxy.

Component: Storages

PS-460: MinIO and S3-like integration Improved

Improved the integration of MinIO and other S3-like cloud providers within the application. The changes include updating the core testS3Connection help, modifying command examples, implementing the v4 signature and setting it as the default value for better compatibility and functionality.

PS-458: Custom SSL certs for object storages

Custom SSL certificates are now accepted to configure external object storage via HTTPS.

Component: Teams

TEAMS-4026: Carbonio logo replaces Inside meetings

When a custom logo is configured, the Carbonio logo “powered by Zextras” is now removed or replaced inside meetings.

TEAMS-4025: Customized logo in meetings

When a custom logo is configured in Carbonio, that logo is now used inside static pages of meetings.

TEAMS-3971: Closed virtual room displays an error message

If the virtual room is closed/deleted and no longer exists, an appropriate error page is shown.

Component: SHELL

SHELL-72: Creation of personas enhanced

When the user has a delegated sendOnBehalf and the relative persona is properly configured, he can now send the email using that address.

SHELL-61: Custom logo on browser notifications

Now the custom logo is used in browser notifications.