Analytics Management

Analytics Management#

Zextras collects anonymous usage data of Carbonio with the purpose to create metrics and improve the product itself and the overall User Experience.

There are two attributes that control the collection of usage data, and both are disabled by default, meaning that no usage data is collected and sent to Zextras without the explicit consent of the Carbonio Administrators.


The first attribute is called carbonioSendAnalytics, which is available only to Global Administrators and is part of the global configuration, i.e., it is valid for the whole Carbonio infrastructure.

To get its current value, use command

zextras$ carbonio prov gcf carbonioSendAnalytics

To enable the analytics, use command

zextras$ carbonio prov mcf carbonioSendAnalytics TRUE

To disable, replace TRUE with FALSE.

This attribute can also be modified from the Carbonio Admin Panel by using the Allow data analytics switch under Admin Panel ‣ Privacy (see Section Privacy).


The other attribute is called carbonioPrefSendAnalytics, and can be modified by the Domain Administrators at COS and Account level.

To get its current value for the COS named default, use command

zextras$ carbonio prov gc default carbonioPrefSendAnalytics

To enable the analytics in the same COS, use command

zextras$ carbonio prov mc default carbonioPrefSendAnalytics FALSE

To disable, replace TRUE with FALSE.