An Appointment is a private or public event defined on a calendar, possibly including other users and information (location, meeting rooms).


An Attendee is a user (external or internal) that is part of an appointment.


A Component is one of the basic elements of Carbonio; it is a high-level description of a functionality. A more technical description of the functionality, including the software packages required is provided by Role.


A Node is one server or VM on which one or more Roles are installed. A Carbonio installation consists of one Node (Carbonio Single-Server) or two or more Nodes (Carbonio Multi-Server)


A Right is a privilege granted to an account, which allows to manage other users.


In Carbonio, a Role is a functionality that is considered atomic and consists of one or more packages.

Shared Account#

A Shared Account is an account that can be accessed by multiple users.


The Hierarchical Storage Management allows to move data between different stores according to policies defined by the Administrator.

Primary Volume#

The Primary store is the main storage device of Carbonio. Here all data are placed when they arrive (e-mail messages) or are created (documents, contacts, and other items). It is usually a fast but expensive device, since its purpose is the everyday operations of Carbonio users.

Secondary Volume#

The Secondary Volume is an additional storage device used by Carbonio. Its purpose is to store older items and data, which are seldomly accessed. It is a slow storage device