Installation Scenarios

Installation Scenarios#

This section features instructions to install Carbonio in different scenarios, which can be installed either by using the Ansible playbook and the inventory template provided with each scenario, or manually by following instruction provided in Section Roles Description and Installation.

Requirements and Limitations#

Before attempting to install a scenario, take into account the following:

  • In all scenarios, each Node should fulfil the Requirements

  • Customise the domain and FQDN in the inventory files provided with each scenario

  • All scenarios features the Backup functionality, which can be either local (e.g., a mounted local disk or partition), a dedicated NAS device, or a remote (cloud) storage.

  • In order to use Ansible, set up a control node according to directions in section Prepare the Ansible Environment


Scenario Essential

Suitable for small infrastructures up to thousands of accounts that do not need the full spectrum of Carbonio features.

Scenario Full Small

Suitable for small infrastructure up to thousands of accounts, with complete set of Carbonio functionalities.

Scenario Full Standard

Similar to the Full Small Scenario, it prepare the Carbonio infrastructure for a future growth and scalability.

Scenario Full Redundant

Suitable for any large infrastructure that requires scalability and redundancy and is ready for High Availability.