Monitoring Carbonio


Monitoring Carbonio#

This section contains information about monitoring activities in Carbonio and how to interact with Carbonio Monitoring including CLI commands


Monitoring is the process of observing and tracking the performance and status of a system or an application over time. It involves collecting and analysing data to identify potential issues, measure performance metrics, and ensure that the system is functioning as expected. Effective monitoring is critical for maintaining system reliability, identifying and resolving issues quickly, and optimising performance.

The purpose of this section is manifold:

  • To provide a detailed guide on the installation and configuration of monitoring tools for Carbonio. By following the instructions outlined in the remainder, users can effectively monitor the performance and functionality of Carbonio to ensure its optimal operation.

  • Give some information about the log files (where they can be found, what they are used for, and so on)

  • Some command to manage MTA’s queues

  • Information about the software used by Carbonio to provide monitoring abilities

To operate properly, a Carbonio infrastructure requires different services like: Directory Server, Consul Service Discover, Apache Kafka, Prometheus, and PostgreSQL.