APPs for Mobile Devices#

The following APPs can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices equipped with Android or iOS. They can be used to interact with either Carbonio CE or Carbonio servers.


It is the client that allows the management of mail from Ios or Android mobile devices


The Chats app guarantees the creation and use of chats, virtual meetings and spaces wherever the user is.


The Files app allows the user to read, upload and possibly delete the files inside Carbonio Files. Furthermore, upload of images and documents from mobile devices is available.

Mobile APPs Download#

Click on the links to access the App page on Google Play Store:

It is required that the Android version be equal to or higher than 5.0

Click on the links to access the App page on Apple App Store:

It is required that the iOS version be equal to or higher than 14

Mobile Clients Features#

Mail App

Carbonio Mail is Zextras official and free app for Carbonio and Carbonio CE users and allows you to access all your Carbonio E-mails, calendars, and contacts from your mobile devices.

These are the main features of the Carbonio Mail app:

  • Complete e-mail management with default Inbox, Drafts, Junk, and Trash folders

  • Send later functionality

  • Customizable swipe actions from the preview of the email

  • Text formatting options

  • Set priorities to the outgoing emails

  • Attachment management

  • Create new folders

  • Manage your settings

  • Manage contacts

  • Full management of calendars and appointments

  • Search for emails or contacts in the unified Search tab

  • Dark theme

  • Tag e-mails

Chats App

The Carbonio Chats App is Zextras official and free app for Carbonio users and allows you to chat with colleagues and access shared spaces from your mobile devices.

The main features of the Carbonio Chats app are:

  • Send and receive text messages and emoticons

  • Manage, modify, and moderate 1-to-1 Chats and Group Chats, including the possibility to invite or remove attendees

  • Create or participate in virtual meetings

  • Share files in the chats

  • Enable or Disable Push Notifications

  • Dark mode supported

Files App

The Carbonio Files App is Zextras official and free app for Carbonio users, which allows to manage files and documents on Carbonio Files and share them with colleagues.

The main features of the Carbonio Files App are:

  • Securely access any file or folder in Carbonio Files from your smartphone

  • Move, copy, and delete files or folders

  • Upload new files

  • Edit file’s metadata (name, description)

  • Access shared files and folder

  • Manage trash folder

  • Manage links for sharing files and folders

  • UI support for tablets

  • Preview of multimedia files directly into the app

Preview in Files App#

The following file types can be previewed on the Files App. Unsupported file types can be opened with an external application.

  • iWork

  • Microsoft Office Documents

  • RTF documents

  • PDF

  • Images / Video / Audio files

  • TXT

  • OpenDocument (odt, ods, odp)

  • PDF

  • Images / Video / Audio files

  • TXT (coming soon)

  • OpenDocument (coming soon)

Mobile APPs Configuration#

In order to access from a Zextras mobile app to your account, please follow the directions in this section. The procedure is required only when you configure the first APP, all the other will be able to reuse the credentials configured for the first App: in other words, the access credentials are shared among Zextras Apps.

For example, if you install the Carbonio Mail App and configure to access the account, as soon as you install the Carbonio Files App, you will be able to automatically access the files stored in Carbonio Files for the same account.

In the remainder, we configure the Carbonio Mail App, but the directions are the same for other Apps.

Server Side Configuration#

The mobile application is enabled by default on all users. These are the only server-side requirements:

  • Port 443/HTTPS must accessible from the Internet

  • A valid SSL/TLS certificate must be available for the domain


    Directions to install a valid certificate can be found in section Deploy an SSL Certificate.

  • The user with whom you log in via the Carbonio Mail App must be existing and active

Login via Carbonio Mail#

In order to use Carbonio Mail App, follow these steps:

  1. Download the application (see the Mobile APPs Download section)

  2. Activate (see the Notifications section)

  3. Login via app


Fig. 17 Login screen of Carbonio Mail app.#

In order to login, in Fig. 17 provide the following date:

  • E-mail account name

  • Password

  • Server name, which must match the FQDN. It’s not necessary to enter the port number as 443 / HTTPS is set by default.


Carbonio Mail mobile app connects to the server through an HTTPS secure connection and Carbonio responds with its certificate. This process (called SSL handshake) provides data integrity and data privacy to the information transferred between the client and the server, which is encrypted, provided that the SSL certificate is active and not expired.


Android devices manufacturers have strict default settings on which apps can display notifications, sometimes causing the Carbonio Mail App not to be able to notify new messages.

To make sure that your device allows all required notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Log out from the app

  2. Access the device’s Settings, then enter the Apps & Notifications menu

  3. Select the Carbonio Mail app from the list of all installed apps

  4. Enter the Notifications section

  5. Enable the notifications (first option on the top)

  6. Enable the banner notification on the Appointment and E-mail subsections

  7. Log back in

Notifications should now work!


For push notifications to work on the device, the Carbonio server must be able to communicate with the service on port 443 (The exact URL to which notifications are sent is: )