Shared Folders#

Shared Folders and You (and Your Mobile)#

With Carbonio, it’s possible to synchronize folders that are not owned by the user itself to mobile devices. This applies to all item types available through the Exchange ActiveSync protocol, so you’ll be able to sync any shared email folder, address book, calendar or task list to mobile devices.

Specific features available on mobile devices might differ, based on the client in use.


Not all clients support the synchronization of multiple address books, calendars or task lists via Exchange ActiveSync.


The following restrictions apply to shared folder synchronization:

  • It is not possible to sync a mountpoint referring to a full account share

  • It is not possible to sync a subfolder of a shared folder, as doing so would return an incomplete folder tree

  • It is not possible to sync a read-only share, as the Exchange ActiveSync protocol does not envision the concept of a read-only resource. Synchronizing a read-only folder will cause severe inconsistencies between the client and the server, along with many errors