Shared Account

Shared Account#

Using a Shared Account has very few differences than using a regular account. The most relevant are:

  • the read/unread status of the e-mails. Whenever an unread e-mail is opened, its status changes to read (i.e., the e-mail will not be shown in bold fonts and the number of unread e-mails decreases by one unit), regardless of who opened the e-mail. In other words, it is not necessary that all users read that e-mail for it to be marked as read.

  • Contacts management: The address book(s) of a user and the address book(s) of the shared account are kept separated. When you write an e-mail from your (personal) account to someone who is not in your address book, the recipient’s e-mail address is automatically added to your address book’s Emailed contacts.

    Similarly, if you write an e-mail from a shared account, the (unknown) recipient’s e-mail address is added to the shared account’s address book, with the bonus that this e-mail address will be immediately available to all users that have access to the shared account.