Carbonio Tasks is the component that allows to create simple entries to keep track of your activities.

Each task can be created by clicking the NEW button and consists of a title, the only mandatory part. Optionally, you can provide a priority (Low, Medium, and high) a description, and a reminder.

Tasks are presented as a list, ordered by their creation date in descending order, i.e., the newest on top: clicking a task will open it and show its details on the browser’s right-hand side, where also its creation date and description are shown; for each task you can

  • Toggle its completion status

  • Edit all its details

  • remove a task from the list. The removal is permanent, so a dialog will appear to confirm the action.

The number of tasks that can be created is limited to 200: when the 200th is about to be created or when the limit has already reached, a banner in the Tasks editor will inform that no new task can be created. In these cases it is therefore necessary to remove older tasks to create new ones.


Reminders can be added to alert of an approaching deadline. Once a date and time is set and the task saved, at the selected time a pop-up will show the task’s title and priority when you are in the Carbonio Tasks module; otherwise, a badge will be shown next to the Tasks Module in the primary bar (i.e., the leftmost column). The number in the badge shows how many tasks have reached or passed the deadline.

Besides a fixed time, a reminder can be configured to be shown upon every login during the expiry day with the following behaviour.

  • It appears at every login, even after the expiration, if the task is not marked as completed

  • If you do not login during the expiry date will not be shown in the next days

In the list of tasks, the deadline is shown in red if it already passed.